i.d Tube Scarfing

Mechanical Tools for Tube ID Scarfing

  • with a set of required metric allen keys & torx keys.
  • with complete set of wear and spare parts.
  • with an assembly drawing with parts list and order numbers.
  • with 10 pcs of cutting rings of your choice fitting into the chosen cutting ring holder.
  • with universal hook coupling to attach the tool to a tow bar.
  • with Adjustment Guide.
  • Double lower leg types can be equipped with a notching roll to break the bead into short pieces after scarfing. Short chips can easily be flushed out of the tube
  • Alpha Metall engineers, manufactures and supplies hydraulic tube inside scarfing tools for a tube inside diameter range from 26mm ( = 1.023inch) up to 620mm (= 24.409inch).
  • In contrast to competing products, Our inside scarfing tools cover the entire nominal diameter range without the need to replace parts. This saves valuable time and the provision of expensive replacement parts.
  • Special lower legs are available for extending the operation tube inside diameter range, so that in many cases the purchase of another complete tool can be avoided.
  • Hydraulic scarfing tools are available with single and double lower leg technology. With the double lower leg scarfing tools, a single notching roll with carbide notching pins can optionally be used to break the removed inside weld bead.
  • The working pressure on the hydraulic inside scarfing tools can be set precisely in the optionally available hydraulic unit on an electronically controlled proportional valve.