We have installed latest & high precision range CNC machines (power star 850) of Loroch Sharp Solutions brand supplied by M/S VOLLMER Germany.

Our vision is to bring a change in thinking of clients of saw blade service industry. Keeping this in mind we have invested in high precision equipment that are capable of servicing of saw blades. It extends their life span of almost 70% to 80% as compared to tool life of the new saw blade.

While other service centers present in the country offer the servicing of saw blades that can improve their durability to approximately 30 to 40% cuts as compared to the new saw as per market research. (These service centers are equipped with conventional /manual machines from Taiwan/China or second hand machines that have lived their life).

Clients should be ready to invest 10% of the cost of new saw blade on service in order to gain 70% to 80% cuts as compared to new saw blade.

We are providing the following service to our clients

Balding is not required for every sharpening, however, if teeth are broken then balding & regeneration of new teeth is required to be done, or balding is required after few re sharpening’s in order to maintain the tooth pitch if pitch has become too narrow.