hss circular saw blades

The HSS metal circular saw blades can be used universally for nearly all metal slitting and slotting operations. These saw blade are used on stationary as well as flying cutting units.

We only use super high speed steel manufactured by steel plants that are ISO 9001 approved. This guarantees the constant high quality of the product supplied.

Their resistance to temperature & abrasion and optimum cutting efficiency coupled with ability to withstand high mechanical stress, make these blades extremely popular across various metal cutting applications.


1.3343 HSS DMo5 is Standard. This is used for cutting alloys and common steel < 550 Mpa. All the blades are made in super high-speed steel with a high tungsten and molybdenum content. These elements of composition ensure that, after heat treatment, an extremely high hardness and suitable tenacity is achieved. The tungsten increases the mechanical endurance of the tool, improving the cutting performance and preventing the austenitic grain enlargement.

1.3243 HSS-E Co5 with cobalt is used as an option for improved life. This is used for cutting stainless steel and medium hard steel 500-700 Mpa. It is super high speed steel that contains all the alloy elements present in Dmo5 plus 5% cobalt.

Tooth forms

Tooth shape BW: It is primarily used for cutting pipes and sections. The tooth is alternately beveled at 45°, breaks the chip in two and guarantees good chip evacuation.

Tooth shape C: It is used for solid sections or very thick pipes. The chip is shredded into three parts due to the presence of both a finishing tooth without chamfer and a pre-cutting tooth (longer than 0.25 mm) with two chamfers on each side.

Tooth shape BR: It has been successfully introduced for cutting pipes. It has double the number of cutting edges and guarantees a higher number of cuts and a better finish to the section. It also improves tool durability by about 20% because it reduces the removed section per each single sharpening.

Tooth shape VP: It has variable pitch & is used to cut very irregular sections which cause severe vibration and noise. It guarantees softer contact and offers a good compromise between cut duration and reduced vibration.