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hss segmantal saw blades

  • They are used to cut large work pieces which cannot be cut with HSS circular saw blades. Segmental saw blades provide burr free cutting.
  • HSS-segments : Saw bodies and segments form an integral unit, saw body made of tampered special steel. There is choice between hardened high speed steel of quality DMo5 or DMo5Co5. The hardness of approx. 63-65 HRC guarantees optimum protection of wear and high life time of saw blade.
  • Steel body : Made of alloyed steel, tensioned and straightened electronically and have strength of approx. 1400N/m2, size of bore hole=H7.
  • Sawing Machine : Stationary or Flying Sawing Machines


  • Precise tensioning and Straightening
  • Side cutting clearance ensures best cutting
  • The tooth geometry is adopted according to the function of cutting
  • High precision of the segments guarantees competent repairing.
Tooth Pitch (mm)High-Low difference (mm)