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Flat Ground Saws

Cutting Work Piece: Steel sections, rounds of different materials

Technical Character: It is special hot saw designed to reduce the burrs & improve the cutting quality through the direction setting on teeth beveling & blade rotating. High quality spring steel is used to make the blade.

Main Process: heat-treatment, grinding leveling, teeth milling, teeth beveling & teeth hardening.

  • Main Specification: 750mm-3500mm
  • Cutting Temperature: 750 degree Celsius or above.
  • Cutting Machine: Hot Sawing Machine
  • Cutting Application: Cutting ends, cutting to lengths

High Precision Hot Saw Blades

  • Cutting Work Piece: rounds, pipes, large & medium sections etc with different materials.
  • Technical Character: Hollow or Taper Structure saves power by 25%, improves stable cutting. Provides nice cutting surface and longer cutting life.
  • Main Process: heat treatment, grinding leveling, teeth milling, hollow/taper grinding.
  • Main Specification: 1500mm-2200mm
  • Cutting Temperature No special requirements
  • Cutting Machine: cold sawing machine & hot sawing machine
  • Cutting Application: Cutting ends, cutting to lengths